The Anatomy of a Professional Business Card

Picture this, You’re flying to a different city to visit some friends. You sit next to a friendly guy, and the two of you start talking. It turns out you’re from neighboring towns. He mentions he’s starting a new business venture and is looking for a consultant with your skillset. How do you exchange contact information? You hand him a crisp, professional business card.

Business cards are such a marketing staple that 57% of people feel that having one is essential to their business. When you create yours, be sure to include the right information, keep it on brand, and use an attractive design. 

These tips include:

  • Choose your material and layout
  • Include your business information
  • Incorporate creative imagery
  • Choose colors that match your brand personality

With these elements, you’ll make a great first impression with attractive, professional business cards.

Anatomy of Good Business Card